What’s with the name?

Many people ask me, “why this name?”  Also, “how do you say it?  Is it suna…, sun ago, soon aygo?”  So, here is my explanation! My name is Fiona Jones.  At my GP surgery at 1 point there were 4 Fiona Jones, so I always give my middle name as well, to prevent confusion.  For […]

How Jewellery Chose Me

Now you know who I am, here is why I express myself through jewellery.  That’s the why there is this business for you to come to, to create the jewellery you really want to have.  This tells you the story through my childhood into adulthood and health collapse and out the other side. From a child […]

Who am I?

Have you ever tried to sum yourself up in a few words? To cover the whole expanse of your foundation, what drives you and the desires you have for a future in just a few sentences? If you have ever been part of a business network meeting, where you are invited to give a 60, […]

Welcome 2018

Hello and welcome to another year. It is incredible to think back to the start of this millennium and all the things we feared. Nearly 2 decades in and many things are better than we thought. Now we prepare for a new year and tidy up things lurking from this year. How was your year? […]

Birthstones – what’s all the fuss about?

This blog was originally going to just be about the stones, but the thing with being interested in something is, you start to think, why is it?  Where does it come from?  So I decided to do some digging and share it with you. The first known use of having 12 stones for the 12 […]

Unlearning “I can’t” – a parable

As you may know, when I started this business, I had a silent business partner of a cat. Unfortunately he died at the end of 2015.  This February I took a new cat into my home, with the hope of him becoming a new silent business partner.  I was persuaded and given the opportunity for […]

Emeralds – spring greens for a new phase of life

Hi, well, just like the gardens outside, my life seemed to have a bit of a hiccup, where it seemed some things may not grow, but it turned out to be a spring prune!  Now life is blooming quickly and I am running a bit to keep up! For a time I was working at […]

Aquamarine – March’s birthstone

This is the birthstone for March and a beautiful pale blue, from a soft milky colour through to a clear icy blue or almost ice blue/white.   It is also a gift to be given for those celebrating a 19th wedding anniversary.  Who says people have to miss out between their 15th and 20th anniversaries? The […]

Amethyst, not just a gemstone of love

Amethyst is the birthstone for February and one of the most well known stones around, so here are some interesting facts about this beautiful stone.  It is actually as purple quartz and so very closley related to garnet, the birthstone of last month.  This means it is also relatively tough, at 7-7.5 on the MOHS, […]

Garnet – January’s birthstone

The birthstone of January and a red quartz.  This stone was named in middle English from the word, “gernet”, which was the fruit of the pomegranate.  This gives a great hint to its known nature, that is, the depth of the redness of the stone.  It is known as blood red, claret and deep red, […]