Living in limbo

Hello, how are you? If you are reading this some point in the future then let me tell you. I am writing this during what is near a world wide lockdown, with people staying indoors and many learning to do things at home, to see things in a different way. For me it means trying to learn new forms of technology and to see people and the world through a screen, rather than in the great outdoors. It also came the week of and after my house sale and move, so my preparation for flux around that has come in to play as I learn that I will be living in limbo for much longer than I expected.

The really good news is that I had already planned this time to focus on learning and improving techniques and so I am now and these things will be coming through into the shop as time goes by. In the short term I am also able to list the creations I have already made, so they should be out soon too! All this is on top of the website with its new look, thanks to the support of a lovely web man.

NHS workers (off which I used to be 1), school workers (of which my sister is 1) and many other services we used to assume the support of (bin collectors, posties, shelf stackers) are now being recognised as essential to the smooth running of this country and so I am recognising their work and thanking them also with my rainbow post on Facebook tonight. If you would like to know more about the rainbow jewellery, please ask me. If you would like to know more about my past, please read my old blog, “who am I?”

Until then, take care and I look forward to seeing what you think of the new look website! Thank you

rainbow multi media necklace with shell

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