Welcome 2018

Hello and welcome to another year. It is incredible to think back to the start of this millennium and all the things we feared. Nearly 2 decades in and many things are better than we thought. Now we prepare for a new year and tidy up things lurking from this year.

How was your year? This year started with the accidental death of a young man I knew, a real reminder to push on and use life, as we never know what may happen next. This year really proved that to me, as I know that there is very little still in my life which was there 12 months ago. Not all changes were my choice, but have had a profound effect on my life.

I did choose to take on a new cat in my life. This new boy, Alfie, is certainly different from my old man, Peter. After 11 months, Alf is feeling more secure that he has a home to live in, but is finding it more difficult to trust being around people, even when I am there. This led to a sometimes stressful Christmas, but here’s to him joining in next Christmas. At least he now knows how to purr.

Other changes in this year have led to me reviewing much in my life. The good news is that includes doing more on the website. New photos are currently being edited and so all items will be up here in the next month, so you can see a wider range of work. There are also new lines coming through, including colourful chain mail in a variety of styles and sizes, which is available in a range of lengths.

The year ended with me being nominated and being runner up for a national award of Inspiring Business Woman of the Year. Thank you to whoever nominated me,it is amazing and encourages me to do better next year!

I really look forward to a creative and productive 2018, to being inspired and inspiring and serving others. God bless.

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