About Fiona

Hello, I am Fiona of Sunago Unique Creations. I enjoy creating gemstone jewellery and gifts, giving people smiles with that special piece or recreation of their jewellery.  I am often asked how I came to do this, when my past life appears to be so different.  However, I have always enjoyed being creative this has shown itself through my school life, university choice and as a hobby whilst I worked in the NHS.  After a change was needed in life I picked myself up and used my creativity to help myself and also be able to also meet other’s needs in a new way.  From this, I chose the name Sunago (an ancient Greek word to describe different people or things brought together as one) to describe the new adventure in my life and the creation of this unique business for you to enjoy.

As a child I always enjoyed making things, which was picked up by people buying “make your own” types gifts.  In secondary school my GCSEs included music and pottery and hobbies of knitting and cross stitch.  at summer camp it was known that I could be found in the craft room (or the swimming pool) and would save up my pocket money to try everything on offer each year.  This is where I remember making my 1st piece of jewellery, penguin earrings made from polymer clay.  After leaving school I used my creativity and desire to help others in my choice of career, studying for a degree in Occupational Therapy.  This means I have a science degree, where the course work included woodwork and pottery and art therapy, as well as the expected skills of anatomy, physiology, psychology and sociology.  Whilst at uni I made my own beads from the left over wood and was to be found in the shops for jewellery parts (findings).  I began making jewellery and giving it as gifts.  This continued during my work.

Early in this century I developed the condition ME/CFS and so my career ended in the NHS.  Using my skills, I knew that I needed to be able to use my skills to still work with others and make a difference.  This led to making jewellery and setting up Sunago Unique Creations.  Now I help people complete their outfit, adapt pieces into new pieces or solve their problems of jewellery they cannot wear by repairing them.

Want to know what others think of working with me?

“Absolutely fantastic, quick service. Ordered two pairs of earrings as gifts – both are beautiful, so much so I am keeping one pair! Cannot recommend highly enough.”

“I love my beautiful original turquoise pendant! Fiona did a great job, can’t wait to join her for one of her workshop. Thank you very much :)” The workshop was to make a gemstone necklace.

“I asked Fiona if I could see her range of ear-wraps. I used to wear some several years ago, & having short hair again. Imagine my surprise when she brought some to show me & one design has exactly the same stone as a pair of earrings I already own. Absolutely perfect- I couldn’t be happier. Thanks Fiona 🙂 “

“Fiona is a talented artist who makes beautiful custom, unique jewellery to clients specifications. I love my necklace & my mum loved her bracelet that was a Christmas gift. Thank you!”

“Fabulous bespoke bracelet made for a Ball xx thrilled with it, thank you Fiona x”

“Service is what this lady is incredible at aside from her fantastic items of course. I had bespoke art work and now Fiona is doing everything to get me a set of rings made. Fiona is my go to lady now when I need something. She works so hard to deliver exactly what I’m asking x”  (yes, I create some artwork with gemstones included, for that extra special detail to your home, as well as your body)

“I’m constantly getting lovely comments about the coral necklace and earrings you made for me – they really do bring extra pizazz to my aquamarine or cobalt blue dress I wear” ���� – Jude at Hire My Outfit.

“Fiona is absolutely obsessed with making her customer (me) happy! This is a very good thing 🙂

She is also extremely talented and her jewellery really is unique. If you’re after something a little different then definitely speak to Fiona – she’ll find out what you want and create a masterpiece for you.

Highly recommended :)”

“I bought 2 pairs of earrings from Fiona and I love them lots. One pair she made for me! Fiona does fantastic job with all of her designs! I would highly recommend her to anyone!”

“Bought a magnificent pair of lapis lazuli cufflinks. Beautifully packaged . Many thanks :)”

“Fiona made me some beautiful fresh water pearl earrings. I’d won one pair as a as a prize and could not decide between a deep blue and the white so decided I’d buy myself the other pair. They are high quality, gorgeous and look lovely on.
Fiona has also remade a pair of vintage earrings I had which were far heavier than I like to wear into an earring and necklace set which look great and have allowed me to wear this jewellery rather it staying forlornly in a box. thanks Fiona!”

This is why I love to do what I do.  If you want to join these people, please get in touch.

Fiona also enjoys gardening and seems to have developed an ability to share her home with rescued ginger and white cats (1 at a time).