Who am I?

Have you ever tried to sum yourself up in a few words? To cover the whole expanse of your foundation, what drives you and the desires you have for a future in just a few sentences? If you have ever been part of a business network meeting, where you are invited to give a 60, or 30, second summary, you will understand my conundrum; because we are complex human beings.
So here is an expansion to give you an insight into the mind behind these creations and this business. I am what is called, “a Northerner”, being born and growing up in Wirral. The joy of this is having some good views around and a joy of the beach and the tide doing in (and often out as I recall!). I have always enjoyed being creative and this was picked up by people buying “make your own” types gifts, even as a child. In secondary school my GCSEs included music and pottery. To use my creativity in a productive way, which benefits other people, I studied for a degree in Occupational Therapy. This means I have a science degree, where the course work included woodwork and pottery, as well as art therapy and the expected skills of anatomy, physiology, psychology and sociology.
As to how I moved from a career in Occupational Therapy to my own business creating gemstone based jewellery and gifts? Well, that is for a follow up! What I can say is that creativity is what bridged that gap and why I am here now. Along the way has also been my love of cats (my old man, Peter, was the original silent partner in the business, as he cat scanned each item, thanks to his curiosity) and my faith, which has always been an integral part of my life.
I have developed an enjoyment of gardening and have a small allotment near my home, where I enjoy growing food (bought my seed potatoes last weekend!) and also indulge my love of new worlds and lives through reading books (my library does books, audio books and ebooks, what does yours do?).
My enjoyment of creating and meeting the needs of others are still very much part of who I am. My inability to fit into what people describe as “normal” means that when I am asked if I would mind making a circlet for a lady, or to develop a piece of jewellery with high sentimental value to fit a person’s personality, it feeds my soul, as I feed theirs. So if you want something different, from someone who has been nominated as an inspiring business and from a runner up creative business, then you have found the right place!

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