But is your living easy? I write this as we are on August 1st!! Summer is usually my time to step back a little, having done summer fairs in June and July and travelling to see family, especially as a number of them have birthdays in August. This year, however family visits are restricted and […]

May, mental health and me.

Hi, it is amazing to think we are now nearly at the end of May. I have spent the last week watching Chelsea Flower Show on the TV. I have enjoyed this for a number of years for the inspiration and detail. It also marks the countdown for my friend and I, as we go […]

Emeralds – spring greens for a new phase of life

Hi, well, just like the gardens outside, my life seemed to have a bit of a hiccup, where it seemed some things may not grow, but it turned out to be a spring prune!  Now life is blooming quickly and I am running a bit to keep up! For a time I was working at […]

Ring out the old…

…ring in the new.  I am sure there are many people who are preparing to ring loud and hard for a new and different year.  I know I prepared for a different year, due to the plans and consequences at the beginning, but never saw all that I have dealt with during the year. So […]

What’s with the name?

Many people ask me, “why this name?”  Also, “how do you say it?  Is it suna…, sun ago, soon aygo?”  So, here is my explanation! My name is Fiona Jones.  At my GP surgery at 1 point there were 4 Fiona Jones, so I always give my middle name as well, to prevent confusion.  For […]

How Jewellery Chose Me

Now you know who I am, here is why I express myself through jewellery.  That’s the why there is this business for you to come to, to create the jewellery you really want to have.  This tells you the story through my childhood into adulthood and health collapse and out the other side. From a child […]