Looking Ahead

Hello, how are you? Yes, I do mean that. As someone who had to change life over a decade ago, I know how strange it is to have to keep motivating yourself, to not have others to distract you or keep you to task and that going up for a drink may not mean a distraction by everyone asking for a drink too, but could lead to the washing up, cleaning, feeding the cat/children/yourself or whatever else you see in the house. How you do cope?

Back then I had to learn to set myself targets and routines. I had no supervisor or team to hold me to account or make demands of me. I did this by time, as I knew that, at first, I could concentrate for only so long. I also set different tasks at different times of the day, so that more difficult things were done 1st and that lighter tasks could be done when more tired or fed up. I also set tasks where I could see a result at the end and at each stage, as this tangible evidence of doing really feeds into our sense of achievement and our motivation to continue with what we are doing.

Funnily enough, as I knew I was moving house and so my routine would be completely thrown, I set myself a task to tidy up this website and my business during the 3 months I expected to feel at a loose end this year. Little did I know! But at least I had a plan. If you visit here regularly you will see that, at last, stock is being photographed and added. I am making a move to post more regularly on here and on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/fionasunago/

This is a job which, unlike spring cleaning, is a binge now and then need only a little to keep on top of. Skills I had learned before, but not had the time to implement fully, I am now doing. This is going to take the business is a new direction, not that I am leaving things behind, but that new things are being added. I look forward to hearing from you what you think, either here or on the Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/SunagoUniqueCreations/ and I am really looking forward to this exciting step.

Who knows what comes next or when that may be? Every new day is un-chartered waters and each new week brings promises and challenges. We cannot control so much, but there are things we can do to help us through. We are beings and so we need time to be. We are also made creative, so the desire to try something different makes sense. Mine is learning Welsh and enjoying new creations – dragons! I have also found a way to still post out orders from isolation and to become more comfortable in front of a camera, due to zoom meetings, so watch out for more new offers coming soon! What are you doing to help your mental and emotional health, as well as your physical health? Take care.