How Jewellery Chose Me

Now you know who I am, here is why I express myself through jewellery.  That’s the why there is this business for you to come to, to create the jewellery you really want to have.  This tells you the story through my childhood into adulthood and health collapse and out the other side.

From a child I enjoyed making things and, thanks to a Christian summer camp I used to go to, I would spend hours in their craft room, using all my saved pocket money to make everything on offer.  This is where I made my 1st piece of jewellery (that I can recall) – a pair of clip on penguins earrings, made of polymer clay.  Unfortunately I made them when I was about 11 and they appear to be lost in the midst of time and life.  I like my creativity to be useful, as well as attractive and so making something I could wear really met a need in me.  It was also a way to make things others want.

Throughout my teenage years enjoyed putting beads together into earrings.  At university I discovered scrap wood could be made into beads, which I turned into earrings and a pendant.  I then looked to turn beads and fancy buttons into and onto jewellery, often sporting a new choker I had made, by adding beautiful ribbons or lace.  Although I moved, I found new craft shops after university and continued to make, which sometimes became gifts at birthday time.  This was also when I had my 1st chance to try working with silver, though it was a while before I returned to it.

Then came a crunch, where I developed a chronic health condition and my career came to an end.  During my healing I returned to my creativity and I found my beads again.  Then I discovered a TV channel where they taught jewellery making and so I built my skills and confidence, as well as really building my desire to work with gemstones, rather than cheap beads.  So I invested and I focused to improve and create what others may want, as well as what I enjoy doing.  Being me, it also needs to be a little different, as I know that “normal” is available on every high street.

What is the reason behind the name?  Well, that’s the next blog!

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