Ring out the old…

…ring in the new.  I am sure there are many people who are preparing to ring loud and hard for a new and different year.  I know I prepared for a different year, due to the plans and consequences at the beginning, but never saw all that I have dealt with during the year.

So how are you doing?  I asked that question earlier in the year too.  This year has been tough and has taken up much of my resources.  I have been able to work on some skills, developing the fantasy range with wirework dragons and elf ears, which compliment the art already available.  I have been stocking up the website here with everything for you to find and the final change there is the section, “home” which brings together all things to adorn your home, rather than those items which can adorn you or those you gift to.

I have finally brought the Butterfly range out, a jewellery collection which incorporates a lava rock for you to add essential oils or perfumes for you to wear and enjoy.

The Hearts and Flowers range helps to connect us to those we miss seeing this year (it is not just me), with a friendship bracelet to give and 1 to keep, as a physical prompt of those we cannot see, except through a computer screen, if they have the technology.

I have also been continuing my desire to declutter my life, which is really not easy when I am inspired by things around me (resulting in plans for 2 new lines in 2021 – oooh, exciting!).   Have you tried this?  Not easy as a creative!

I am aware and have been for a while, that the jewellery business is not always the most environmental.  I do not like to waste anything and small pieces of wire are included in creations or collected and recycled where possible.  In the work happening in the new house I have also been saving the copper coming out from the tip, so look for some amazing new bare copper creations with an environmental heart in 2021.  I am also linking with the wonderful sculptor, Deborah Harrison and some of sandstone and alabaster will also be a new range for you and your home in 2021.

This care also extends to my house and not filling it with a range of chemicals and creams.  I find the smells overwhelming and their warnings do not inspire confidence that they will do me or this world long term good.  I am choosing to use good cloths from Norwex, which clean really well without additional chemicals (and sometimes better than with sometimes!) and you can learn more about this journey of mine and join it on my instagram thread @fionafreedomforever where I share my desire to reduce, reuse and recycle, as well as take care of myself and my environment.  Intentional living means that I aim to make good choices, rather than fall into a trap of a need for a quick fix now, with long term consequences.  I also use Forever Living juice and creams to keep me in the best care.  Come and follow me there and there may also be a Facebook group for you to join in as the year progresses.

So, they are my plans for 2021, what are yours?  After years of people telling me I should be jealous of not having 2020 vision and now having lived through it, I really don’t see what all the fuss  was about!  What about you?

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