Happy New Year! Planning and Doing

Hello and welcome to 2017!  After a time of quiet, due to lack of technology, I am back here on the website!  How are you all?  Although I was quiet here (and in real life, due to my voice going), I was really busy with Christmas fairs and commissions for Christmas presents and birthday presents. 

Teaching and technology

Well, here is something.  I am considered by many to be good at technology, though I feel I am able to use it with teaching, but not that great with it otherwise.  Yesterday proved this.  I teach every fortnight at my local Hobbycraft and am becoming known there and that people are able to find

Tuesday Tourmaline

So, how has your week been?  I have had a really up and down time, a bit like the temperatures around here.  The sunshine days have been wonderful and I have really enjoyed the light and being able to dry my clothes outside.  They say its the little things in life!  The darker evenings are

Colourful October

Hello and welcome to the crisp (and colder) mornings of October.  Ok, I will admit it, some of that actually started last week, but it is really becoming more noticeable this week, especially as my bedroom reflooring is still happening and so all my nice warm autumnal clothes are hidden inside my drawers, which then


Although the fields are turning gold and gradually brown with golden growths of hay on them, the birthstone for this month is the spring green of Peridot.  Peridot is an unusual stone, as it only grows in the 1 colour of fresh green, where other birthstones can be in a variety of colours.  The colour

Walking and inspiration

Hello and welcome to August.  I am trying to believe that this is summer and bring out my shorts when I can.  This is very true when I am walking up hills and down to practice for my sponsored walk up Snowdon, now only a few weeks away!  https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/masseysmountainchallenge is the link if you wish

Hello Everyone

Hello everyone!  Well this is all very new for me, but welcome to my blog page on my lovely sparkly new website!  This is the chance for me to share with you about ideas for developing the jewellery that you wear, about new items I am busy working on and creating and about events I