Colourful October

Fossil jasper and opal copper pendant

Hello and welcome to the crisp (and colder) mornings of October.  Ok, I will admit it, some of that actually started last week, but it is really becoming more noticeable this week, especially as my bedroom reflooring is still happening and so all my nice warm autumnal clothes are hidden inside my drawers, which then have other furniture in front of them!

But despite the darkness coming in around us (thankfully with sunshine still happening during the day), this month’s birthstones are known for being really rather colourful.

Yes, birthstones.  October babies are a little bit greedy and have 2 to choose from!  Opals are well known and have been set in jewellery for centuries.  They are created as water is held inside the stone, which then enables beautiful rainbows to be seen in the stone, especially in the likes of Ethiopian opal.  This is very beautiful and highly prized.  However, although there is water inside, don’t immerse your opals in water, as it can actually cause the water inside to leak out and so the opals then lose their colours.  This colourful range of opal can also be seen sneaking through in boulder opals.

There is also a lesser known range of opals which have a more solid colour and which come from a range of other countries, such as Peru.  There is a little of each here at Sunago, so expect to see rings, necklaces and pendants coming out with opals on them during this month.  If you want to a specific piece of jewellery, please get in touch on our contact page and we can start your new adventure.

Well, if you want to know what the other birthstone is, stay tuned for the next blog.  Until then, happy creating.

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