Tuesday Tourmaline

So, how has your week been?  I have had a really up and down time, a bit like the temperatures around here.  The sunshine days have been wonderful and I have really enjoyed the light and being able to dry my clothes outside.  They say its the little things in life!  The darker evenings are not so much fun though and we have to learn to enjoy the chance to draw the curtains and snuggle in.

As I promised last week, today I will tell you a little about tourmaline.  This stone took a while to be identified and comes in a huge range of colours.  I think it may be amongst the most colourful available.  The original name means, “many stones”, or “various stones” and is thought to come from the box they were originally put in, when it was found they were actually all the same stone and not a wide variety!

It grows in crystals and can look like shards, which means that it is a stone which is more difficult to cut as a round. Some stones can be translucent, though many are available with a range of solid colours and patterns in there.  It has a beautiful shine in it and so can glisten on you, especially some black tourmaline which I have in stock.  Watermelon tourmaline is well known and can command high prices and yes, it is names for being pink and green!

So that is the 2nd birthstone for October, but for now, I have an opal ring to finish for a lovely lady and have started on my Christmas orders!  More of that next time.


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