The Art of Giving and Receiving

I have been thankful throughout my life to the kindness of friends, as well as strangers.  I am sure we all are.  This can range from the driver who allows me out at the end of the road to gifts of time, skills and money.  In turn I try to offer kindness to others.

Recently there has been much talk of who businesses connect with and why.  As a child I was also taught that we need to give back and to be thankful for all we have and have been given and so I try to do that with this business.  This piece was 1 such item, created to raise funds for a charity helping refugees.  I have also been involved each year in a local fun day for our community, bringing my skills and ability to make bracelets to enable others to enjoy themselves making bracelets.  It is lovely to see children and adults join in, choosing favourite colour, shapes and sizes of beads and create something they enjoy.  Sometimes the children choose to make them for 1 parent or another and then I watch them think about what they would like best.  You see, giving is important, but knowing that what you give makes a positive difference to the other person is what keeps us giving.