Past, present and future

Hello and welcome to the new year!  I cannot believe that, after a lifetime of people talking about it, we can now see what a 2020 vision actually looks like!

So how does yours look?

Long in the past I didn’t picture mine as it is now.  Having this business and being able to create for others’ enjoyment is great and something I am taking into the future.  It has led to many twists and turns and linked me with many people I probably would never have met otherwise.  1 of my twists led me to meet and work with the amazing photographer, Evelyn Havinga.  With her permission I have 1 of her photographs here for this blog and I encourage you to check out her work at  I always think this is a great demonstration of how we are only in the present, but able to look back and forth to see what has made us and so where we may go.

So what does this mean for the future?  As you know there are new lines coming out in Sunago Unique Creations and this will continue this year.  The great news is that this website is moving on up and I look forward to hearing from you how you find it as this year progresses.  The future still includes gemstones and links between vintage and antique inspiration matched with modern twists.  There will be pearls and more metals included in designs. I am also building on fantasy themes.  If you want to see pieces as they come out please check out for the latest designs and join in.

Also remember that the main base for Sunago will be moving north during this year, so look out for future news and links to events up there, as well as in Gloucestershire.

In the meantime, enjoy the present.