Although the fields are turning gold and gradually brown with golden growths of hay on them, the birthstone for this month is the spring green of Peridot.  Peridot is an unusual stone, as it only grows in the 1 colour of fresh green, where other birthstones can be in a variety of colours.  The colour comes from the iron in the stone.  I think it is beautiful and have set it with moonstone, labadorite and amethyst especially, to help it to shine.  It apparently has been known as the poor man’s emerald, but really I think it is stunning as it is.

It is found in a number of places around this planet, but it is one of the few stones to also exist outside, being found in meteors and on the moon!  I have to admit though, I think all the peridot here comes originally out of the earth and not from further afield.

Currently all my jewellery is being photographed and so you will be able to see it in all its glory very soon.  Then you too can share in this beautiful stone and take some home to enjoy forever.

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