Ch ch Changes

So, we are heading towards the autumn again (currently refusing to accept this change and seeing it as late summer instead!).  The rain this year means the trees haven’t started their big change yet, but I know it will be on its way.  Why have I seemed quieter over the summer?  The truth is that I too have been planning big changes.

In my old days, when I was a therapist, we looked at change and how we handle it.  When we feel we are involved in or instigating the change, we are most likely to be able to cope.  Conversely, if we feel it is all “done to us” then we have the most anxiety.  Living in the UK there is much going on around us which we feel we have no say in, but is impacting our everyday life.  The good news is that there are also many people available now to help us learn the skills we need to support our mental health.  However, the main thing is that, if we feel we are able to make choices each day to bring control into our lives, then this helps us to manage it.

Wow, this is heavy for a blog on a jewellery page, isn’t it?  Well, it is all relevant.  Here there have been a number of changes.  I have found new parts of website writing which I have never dared enter before!  A huge review of all creations has been happening and so you can now see more variety here and new pieces are being added.  I am also in talks with someone to change how this site works, so that it is far easier for you to find what you want and my apologies at this not being seen sooner.  Some lines have been removed and you will find that, in the months to come, there will be a shift towards the more unusual to be available to buy.  This does not mean that you cannot have a more classic design, in fact, I have been working on a simple sapphire bracelet today (photo soon on ).  what it does mean is that, in line with many parts of my life, just like the trees are at present, there are some things changing and others which I am letting go in order to regain focus.  I am not saying this is easy, it is some of the toughest times in a long time, but I hope that this will all be good for you and bring you the care and service you need.  Then you won’t need to look at changes unless you are considering adding to your look or having a new look for a new season in your life.

How about you?  Have you any new plans for change before the end of this year?